2003 Approved Grants

  Children’s Hospital of Michigan
  Pediatric Mobile Team $ 100,000
  Providence Hospital and Medical Centers
  Northwest Detroit Health Center $ 100,000
  Alpena General Hospital
  Infant health equipment $ 52,561
  Southeastern Michigan Health Association
  Healthy Baby Services Program $ 28,010
  Oakwood Healthcare System Foundation
  Audiology equipment for pediatric clinic $ 40,402
  Turning Point, Inc.
  Pediatric Nurse Examiner Pilot Program $ 31,250
  Board Of Education of the City of Saginaw
  Audiology Equipment $ 27,000
  Huron Medical Center
  Newborn Hearing Screening Equipment $ 11,750
  Port Huron Hospital
  Newborn Hearing Screening Equipment $ 11,750
  American Red Cross
  Sickle Cell Blood Donor Program $ 15,000
  Central Michigan University
  Summer Speech and Language Specialty Clinic $ 10,000
  Covenant House Michigan
  Renovation of kitchen $ 150,000
  Neighborhood Centers Incorporated
  Renovation of All Saints Neighborhood Center $ 100,000
  Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan
  Renovation of Holden Club in Detroit $ 66,000
  Gerontology Network of West Michigan
  Traveling Grannies/Grandpas Program in Wayne County $ 22,800
  Ronald McDonald House of Detroit, Inc.
  Outdoor security system $ 16,988
  Communities United for Children
  Literacy program for children from non-English speaking families in Pontiac $ 11,225
  Domestic Violence Project, Inc.
  Equipment for clinical services $ 5,748
  American Lung Association
  Camp Michi-MAC, summer camp for children with asthma $ 5,000
  Boy Scouts of America – Clinton Council
  Day camp for children in the Pontiac Public Schools $ 5,000
  Bound Together
  Summer day camp and enrichment program for children from Pontiac $ 5,000
  Camp Fire USA Wathana Council
  Summer camp for at-risk and low income children $ 5,000
  Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan
  Summer camp for children with Leukemia $ 5,000
  Lions Visually Impaired Youth Camp
  Summer Camp for blind and hearing impaired children $ 5,000
  Peace Neighborhood Center
  Summer day camp for disadvantaged children from Ann Arbor $ 5,000
  Resurrection of a Child’s Mind
  Summer day camp for disadvantaged children from Detroit $ 5,000
  Huron Valley Schools Carls Scholars
  Awards for established scholarship plan within Huron Valley School District $ 23,389
  Council of Michigan Foundations
  Membership and programs $ 6,000